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The Fire Is Spreading...And We're Running Right Through It!!

We Aren't Funny...We're METAL!!

The EverSincevE Stunt Team *The LJ Division*
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It began as a dream in the hearts of six young men who shared their love of music and the desire to share that music with others. In June of 2001, Eversinceve was formed and it is now a dream that has come true to light for the six band members.

In 2001, with the band members scattered all over Florida,it seemed nearly impossible that this group would form. At that time the six men were out doing their own things. Don Wisby (guitar) was living on the west coast with his wife and persuing his career. Chris "Elbo" Alba (bass) was involved with his work and had a hectic schedule and the idea of a band just didn't seem to fit into his plans at that point in time. Kris Mortensen (drums) had recently bought a home and was beginning to settle down with his wife. Meanwhile, Al Torres (guitar) was forming his own band called Scars Of Life which is today at the forefront of the music scene, putting South Florida back into the spotlight. Shortly after Kris, Al, Elbo, and Don began writing music, Paul Varian, a close friend and already an accomplished singer, was asked to join the ranks and fill in the vocalist position. In December of 2003, Brian Stergiades another long-time friend and previous band member from years back joined and added a new dimension to the band by playing keyboards. This last edition added to the ever evolving sound of ESE.

When asked about where they get their inspiration for their music they stated "Our music is inspired by our own convictions and the injustices going on in the world today." Our music genre is a combination of death metal, doom metal, hardcore, metal-core, old school heavy metal, and a hint of black metal. These influences make up the inovative sound of ESE.

The EverSincevE "Stunt Team" is a street team put together in support of the band with it's name originating from a rather enthusastic, yet overweight, stage diver and AL's smart alec comments that followed. Stunt Team members are referred to as "Arsonists" as they help spread the fire of EverSincevE wherever they may go!!

The Livejournal Branch is specifically designed to promote the website, various MP3 and music streaming sites along with any news and show info that comes up for the fans!!

To Join The OFFICIAL EverSincevE Stunt Team head on over to www.eversinceve.com, click on communicate and street team to see how you can help spread the fire!! THEN RUN RIGHT THROUGH IT!!!

StuntMaster P.E.T.E